climberCats instinctively like to roam, but the outdoors presents many dangers:

  • Busy roads;
  • Wild open spaces;
  • Neighbourhood bullies,
  • Diseases

We specialise in making gardens secure, so that cats can enjoy the freedom of the outdoors safely. Katzecure is a cat containment solution with four different approaches from other competitive products:

  • Humane — does not rely on sharp metal products, netting; or electric colars;
  • Attractive — designed to blend in with your garden surroundings unobtrusively;
  • Service — we value customer satisfaction — and work hard to earn it.
  • Flexible – we work with you to deliver the solution you need
  • Guarantee – we work with to make sure the system works for your garden

Our goal is to enhance the lives of cats and their owners by building safe environments and enduring customer relationships.