Katzecure is a simple but effective cat containment solution.

One or two wooden poles are positioned onto an existing or new garden fence and wall. The poles rotate when touched preventing the cat from gaining the ‘pawhold’  it needs to scale and jump over.

It is possible to secure the whole garden in this way including roofs, gates, trees, window ledges, etc. If you decide to move, you can take the system with you!

Two Solutions:

Single Pole System

Designed for the less agile breed of cat such as British Shorthair or Persians, or the older cat that no longer roams so far.

Double Pole System

Designed for the agile, adventurous breeds. We have many Houdini contained by this system.

Which system is best for your cat?

You are the best judge of the temperament of your cat and therefore which system is suitable for you. In our experience, most cats are incredibly agile. We do caution to judge on temperament and not just on price.

Different Types of Mounting Systems

Internal or Staggered Pole system

  • Not visible by neighbours
  • Suitable for the more agile and adventurous cats
  • Increases cat's difficulty in attempting breaches
  • Deters incoming cats

Poles on Top

  • This raises the overall fence height of a 6 ft fence by 9 to 12 ins, therefore only suitable for fences where this increase does not transgress local authority fence height restrictions
  • Visible by neighbours
  • Secures equally both sides from straying