We specialise in delivering the most effective, aesthetic solution to make your garden cat proof.



Manufacture of Cat Fencing Components

We have built a dedicated team of local craftsmen, industrialists and professionals to support the manufacture of Katzecure cat proof fencing components.

Based on many years experience in customer facing roles within industry, Billy and his team’s are committed to delivering quality products and services supported by first class customer care and support.

Customer satisfaction and building long term customer relationships with positive customer testimonials is our goal.


Cat Fencing Installation

rsz_mol_at_work2No two gardens are the same and we work with our customers to meet their needs and their preferences through:

  • Full installation by our professional team
  • DIY – so you can install it yourself
  • Using your preferred Fencer or·handyman


Whether we install or you wish to do it yourself, we:

  • Assess your requirements
  • Listen to your preferences
  • Work with you to achieve the result you want

– a secure, safe environment for your cat(s) to enjoy the outdoors.