Katzecure manufactures all the components required to fix wooden poles onto new or existing fencing.

The poles we source from M&M Timber. The system is suitable for most types of fencing, including chainlink. Both concrete and wooden posts are suitable.

Different spacing between fence posts does not matter as Katzecure recommends the poles are spaced 6ft apart for optimum performance.

The system is attached to gravel board which is attached to the fence. From experience this is important to isolate the system from the inevitable unevenness of the fence structure as it runs down the garden.

There are a number of different approaches to getting your garden “Katzecured”…

  • Do-It-Yourself (DIY)

    Katzecure components can be fitted with ease to fence posts. You will need to determine the number of Fence Panels that you wish to secure and select the type and number of Katzecure fitting that you wish to use (e.g. standard or deluxe). Each panel will require a pair of Katzecure fittings. You can purchase the required number of fittings from Katzecure direct via telephone/mail order or you can purchase them through your preferred Fencing Supplier. If you need any assistance the telephone number provided also offers a helpline with guidance and advice.
  • Through Fencing Supplier / Fencing Contractor

    You can engage the services of your local fencing supplier / contractor to carry out an implementation of Katzecure components. The contractor should be able to assist in assessing the implementation needs and procure the Katzecure components either direct from the Fencing Supplier or through Katzecure directly. The required number of poles would best be sourced from the Fencing Supplier direct. The same applies to panels and finials.
  • Site Survey / Katzecure Implementation

    You can contact Katzecure for a site survey to assess component and implementation needs. The services of a Katzecure contractor can be engaged to carry out a full implementation and provide all the necessary components including poles.
  • Custom Service

    Some gardens have a variety of fence panels and posts with other garden fixtures such as sheds and gates which can add complexity to the implementation. In this instance, Katzecure can be engaged to assess the difficulties and where appropriate manufacture non standard components to overcome gaps and awkward corners. Please ask for details