Katzecure manufactures the brackets, axles and sleeves required to fix wooden poles onto new or existing fencing. The machine rounded poles we source from Clifford Jones Timber

Making your fence cat proof

howitworksThe system is suitable for most types of fencing, including chainlink. It can be attached to concrete or wooden posts.

Different spacing between fence posts does not matter as we recommend the poles are spaced 6ft apart for optimum performance. The system is attached to gravel board which is attached to the fence. This is important to isolate the system from any unevenness.

You don’t need a new fence, but it does need to be free of holes through which a cat can escape. When we survey, we can advise you — and if new fencing is required (from a single panel to the whole garden) we can do this too. If your fence is not 6ft high (standard fence height) we recommend raising it with custom cut trellis. We also use trellis to fill any gaps, such as adjacent to sheds.