• How does the Katzecure system work?

    One or two poles fixed to the fence or wall with brackets, spin on contact and prevent the required grip a cat needs to be able to pull itself over. This simple mechanism proves highly effective. We have hundreds of installations across the country that can vouch for its effectiveness.
  • How can I find out how much it costs?

    We price a system according to 6ft lengths, roughly the equivalent of a standard fence panel. See pricing section for cost examples. We can provide costs based on a plan and measurements provided by you or one of our experienced estimators can visit your garden to provide you with a full quotation. Photos of your garden including garden features such as sheds and trees are also useful when requesting a quotation via email. Just send your request to: information@katzecure.com
  • What is the Katzecure system made of?

    Metal Brackets - wrought iron and powder coated black for robust outdoor use.

    Axles - Plastic with Sealed metal ball bearing (deluxe) or solid plastic bearing (standard)

    Wooden Poles and gravel boards are tanelised - both are suitable for robust outdoor use.
  • Can the system be attached to a wall?

    The Katzecure system can be attached to almost any kind of fence or wall, including chain link. See the photo gallery for examples.
  • What is a survey?

    A survey is an assessment of your garden to establish the cost of making it secure. It takes into account the measurements of all sides that need to be made secure and the garden features that also need to be included, e.g. shed, trees, passage ways, storage areas, etc. Where possible, we will give a quotation on site.
  • How do I get an installation?

    If you contact us to accept the quotation prepared following a survey, we will provide you with the earliest installation date that fits in with your schedule. During busy periods such as during the spring and summer, there may be a waiting period before we are able to schedule one of our installation teams. We will always endeavour to agree an installation date as quickly as possible.
  • How long does an installation take?

    That depends on the size of the garden. A small garden can be completed in a day, while a larger garden is likely to take longer. Securing garden features such as trees and sheds, will also add to the time required. We apply quality materials and workmanship, and this is reflected in the installation time.
  • It is possible to purchase components for DIY without installation

    Yes, if you wish to carry out your own installation or use a preferred local fencing contractor, we will supply Katzecure components only. If required, we also provide surveys (via visits or email) for DIY, to help you make sure you buy what you need. But if after installation you find you have overestimated your components, we operate a buy and return policy, with a full refund provided for all components returned in resale condition.
  • What if I move? Can I take the system with me?

    The system is portable and can be moved from one garden to another, with brackets axles and poles being reusable in the new location. Depending on garden size, more or less components may be required to meet the needs of the new garden configuration. We have carried out several system relocations, for existing customers and we work with you to make this process as easy and as cost effective as possible.
  • What is the difference between a single and a double pole system?

    The single pole just uses one pole per fence panel as a barrier to scaling the fence and climbing over. This system is adequate for less agile breeds such as Persians and some British Shorthair, or older and less agile cats. The double pole system uses two poles that spin as a barrier to scaling over the fence. The internally mounted double pole system is effective for agile breeds and those cats with strong roaming instincts. When the Katzecure installation team installs a double pole system, we go as far as to say that we ensure its effectiveness. If a clever Houdini finds an overlooked point of leverage, we return to rectify the issue.
  • Can the spinning poles hurt my cats?

    The Katzecure system is completely humane and cannot harm cats or kittens in any way. The system is designed in such a way that even when the poles spin, the cat's paws cannot be trapped, A unique feature with our system is that the pole is allowed to freely rock backwards and forwards while rotating, therefore with both poles being allowed to move back and forth a cat will not get itself stuck. On failing to get over, the cat naturally lands on its feet on the right side of the fence!
  • How long does the system last?

    We began installing Katzecure systems at the beginning of 2004, and the components are designed to endure outdoor weathering robustly. The system warranty lasts for up to 18 months, during which time we will make any adjustments that may be necessary as the system settles such as swapping out any potentially warped poles, or adjusting brackets and axles. After 18 months, the customer has the opportunity to purchase a maintenance agreement for a small monthly charge. This agreement will provide continued peace of mind through post-installation support.
  • Will the Katzecure System keep cats out as well as in?

    Essentially, once installed the Katzecure system acts as a deterrent to other invading cats. A cat will sit on the top of a fence post and in order to enter will scale down the fence rather than jump over. Once the poles are in place, the cat can no longer scale down gently but is forced to make the long jump. Also a cat that recognizes a barrier to entry can also recognize it as a barrier to exit. Most cats are deterred from crossing the barrier for these reasons. Some determined and agile cats may jump into the garden, especially if they believe it to be part of their territory. An invading cat will be trapped and will need help to leave. If the cat is subsequently able to break out of the garden unaided, there is a weakness in the system (such as a gap or a leverage point.) that we would come and correct at the earliest opportunity. Generally an invading cat learns his lesson and the same cat never returns!

    We keep in touch with many of our customers and from their evidence a break in may occur when the system is new and the territory is being defined. This is usually when an owner of a new system is still vigilant about his or her own cats movement in the newly secured garden. Once the system is up, the barrier works effectively against neighbouring cats. We have some breeders that give their cats unsupervised access to their gardens 24/7. Even their entire queens!