• Cat Fencing

    The elegant and compassionate cat containment solution
  • Are your Cats secure from bullies?

    Your cat’s bullies come in all shapes and sizes
  • Are your Cats safe from traffic?

    Road traffic accidents are the number one killer of cats
  • Are your Cats secure from straying?

    Containing cats has many advantages
  • Cat Security

    Allow your treasured companions to roam within the safety of your garden

Katzecure is the perfect cat fencing solution designed:

  • To keep your cat secure from straying into danger
  • As a cure for cats straying uninvited across garden borders

Katzecure keeps cats safe and secure in their gardens and others out. Are you a:

  • Cat Owner – keen to protect your cat from outdoor danger?
  • Breeder – wanting to give your queens the freedom they deserve?

Then our Katzecure cat containment fencing solution provides the most effective, attractive and humane way of ensuring cats stay secure and safe in their own garden!

We can install the system for you using our professional installation teams or we can send components (and wood) for DIY installations. We are totally flexible and offer as much support as required. Interested? Contact us for a free survey and quotation.