Among cat owners there is a great emotional debate about whether cats should be kept indoors or allowed outside. In general cats love the smells, sights, sounds, and sensations of being able to go outdoors. But being allowed to roam unrestricted presents great perils, even for the most streetwise.

Traffic, infectious diseases, parasites, attacks from other animals, and abuse by people are real dangers.

cat and catflapIt is possible to compromise and give your cat access to fresh air without letting him wander the neighbourhood. Some owners take their cats out on a leash, while others build special ‘cat runs’.

But it is also possible to make your garden fences or walls cat proof!

Katzecure helps cat owners and garden lovers make their garden boundaries secure from straying cats, in the most humane and practical way possible.

Over the years some ingenious and desperate measures have been tried out ranging from simple Alcatraz style wire mesh to more sophisticated electric fencing and any number of options in-between, with varying degrees of success and failure.

The Katzecure catproof fencing system is not harmful to cats. It is a humane barrier, that does not use chemicals or battery power or indeed any component that could be described as cruel.